Our Mission

      The mission of Camp Lorrain is to offer a faith based, safe, and fun camping program for campers and guests of all ages. We aim to enable growth in our campers relationships with God, with nature and the earth, with their friends and family, and with themselves. 


History of Camp Lorrain

           In the late 1920's the Old Fort on the east side of the narrows on Lake Temiskaming was used by the United Church for a summer school. In 1928 a committee was formed to find a permanent site for the school and other United Church camps. Rev. D.J. New, minister of North Cobalt United Church, proposed the ideal location, along the beautiful shores of Lake Temiskaming. The site consisted of 155 acres, with a shoreline of nearly a quarter of a mile of fine sandy beaches. 1931 marked the official opening of Camp Lorraine (later shortened to Lorrain). Large numbers of youth attended the camps, sleeping in tents along the shoreline, and made a home-away-from-home of Camp Lorrain.


          Since this time many new buildings have been added and renovated. Our camp is now complete with six camper cabins, many staff and volunteer cabins, Murphy's Lodge, a large Craft Cabin, and modern washroom facilities. Our program has also grown, and now includes camps for youth age 7-15, a C.I.T. (Counsellor in Training) program, Family Camp (for families of all kinds), and a Women's Retreat. Over the years our camp family has grown to include many amazing campers, staff, and volunteers, and we hope to continue growing in the following years.

Theological Statement 

The United Church creed states "We are not alone, we live in God's world."

Camp Lorrain helps youth & families discover the truth in these words.

Through a church camping experience, the sacred can become real in ways unavailable elsewhere. An awe of nature blossoms. A new respect for others grows as friendships develop. God's presence is felt and known as never before. It takes this type of camp experience to bring the sacred alive.

    Thanks be to God!